It’s dirty, the entrance is a complete put-off, you might have to stamp on dirt beyond imagination and wash your feet with packaged drinking water. You might have to bathe in a good sanitizer and get a pedicure too! But once you are in the alley, there is no looking back in anger; the garage-sale dirt is justified without a sliver of doubt!

And in spite of having all that you wouldn’t like to get your hands dirty on with, the Mumbai chor bazaar is a definitely a place you would love go back! Any time. Located near bhindi bazaar, this place is antique- paradiso! Things that make you regret; makes you brood on why didn’t you buy the other piece too.

See what I mean by you’ll keep going back!

From must-have porcelain and glass collectibles to antique furniture, gramophones and lampstands; from fancy Christmas bulbs with a ripped off look (time’s to blame), to antique buttons, wine bottles and well, cars! CARS? Yeah, cars!!! You heard it right. You really get it all.

We chose a wrong day, a wrong season and yet that didn’t stop us from getting a great bargain. I bought this bottle chiefly because I liked its oriental appeal. Hope you enjoy it.

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2 thoughts on “The Mumbai Chor Bazaar”

  1. Hi Rukmini,
    Bazaars scare me a little. English people can’t barter!! But there are many other reasons why I would love to come to India some day! Well done on your bottle ‘find’.

  2. Janice, the magic woman!!!
    To be very honest, bazaars scares the s**t out of me. Specially the ones like this. And you have to believe me; i literally cower and coo and hide behind my sister who is a complete daredevil. And that English people cant barter is something i totally agree on. For bargain, you have to give it to the Americans!

    But i can bargain and barter and have one steal of a price: a talent they say, don’t know where i picked it up from! No one in my family bargains save me and sis. They are “liked it on a mannequin, picked it up” shoppers and we are both!

    I cordially invite you to India and i promise to catch up with you once you decide to fly in; wherever you are. I have a major interest here: Gotta learn that smocking!

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