A barbed wire chandelier! Who could have expected that! Inspired by the “post-Berlin Wall reunion of the east and the west,” this piece is made by designer & artist Tove Adman.

Although replicating this would be quite a task, I dont see why I should brand it as Impossible! It is possible, maybe even with a piece of crystal or two! I can see the thought bloom. What do you say ladies? How do you like this?

On another note, here is something I’d really like, maybe when I have a bigger home or a bigger budget.

This beauty adorns the sitting room of Janice’s Edwardian Home in the Isle Of wight, and I absolutely envy this classic beauty. Certainly this cannot be made by me and this is what probably cuts me out from the league of real artisans! Look at those lovely drops! *Swoon*!

Here I am, signing off, still in pursuit of a perfect chandelier for my little home!

2 thoughts on “More Chandelier love!”

  1. I like the basic structure of the barbed wire chandelier, and the little fairy lights twisted around the structure. But it could be quite painful if you banged your head against it! I would substitute crystals for barbs. (What am I saying? I wouldn’t even attempt it in the first place!) Pleased my chandelier meets with your approval. The sofas are terracotta rather than pink, which makes a big difference to the men in my life! 🙂

    1. Oh me! My mum burst my barbed wire blue bubble with a similar thought too. And coming to think of it, yes, barbed wire is out. Plain wire is what I work with. Even if I dont, R for sure would. He is tall! I have in fact made a cute little frame, but I’m afraid its too rustic at the moment to show!

      I like the color Terracotta. Its neither bright, nor dull nor peppy nor sombre. Just right. I like pink too but not everywhere. Too much pink makes me feel like an old lady who is actually a witch, who wears fuchsia lipstick and is 1000 years old, with furry cats as pets mewing all ’round her sofa. eeek!

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