The relationship of a mother to her daughter is perhaps the most beautiful of all beautiful things in life; where each find their shadow on the other, every minute, in every detail and in every walk of life. It’s a relationship, undefinable and I have the best mother in the world. Sitting One thousand miles away from her on her birthday today, this is my small gift to her. Happy Birthday Ma.

All these years you’ve been so much more to me than just a mother; you’ve been the shade when the sun burnt me down. You’ve never taught me only the rights of life, but taught me how to differentiate the right from the wrong. You protected me but just enough not to make me feel over-protected. You have given me all the freedom i wanted in life and taught me how to not misuse it. You’ve been the force when i was down and told me that after darkness, light is inevitable. You told me to be strong.

You told me that cooking is not just a necessity but an art. That i may burn my hands while doing so, but at the end, what i learn will be a gift for the rest of my life. When i fell, you taught me how to get up; when i needed you, you were always there for me, right from the day i was born. You taught me how to wear my first ever saree. You taught me to be fearless. You told me that I will always be your youngest.

For all that you have been and for all that I have been, I want to say that there is no one else like whom I would rather want to be but you, as a woman. Thank You for being my ‘ma’.

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