After a much hasty Durga Puja, and a rather busy one there; it is finally time for some serious, ghostly Halloween thinking! In an ideal world, I would love to own one of those delicious looking cottages with a lazy front porch and a lawn and a playful backyard, somewhere by the lake or the hill, far away from the city, where I would carve my homegrown pumpkins and line them along the driveway; but (snap..snap), I stay in a condo in the 73rd most expensive city in the world, which also never sleeps. So, this dream needs a good air bubble packing and a safe corner in the basement, untill we are ready for one. And we are working towards it. R, are you listening?

Disappointment is I didn’t even get a ‘perfectly Halloween orange’ pumpkin! But who cares. Here’s a local pumpkin I carved…and the stripes make it look all the more scary. This Halloween, we will try for some new crafts too and of course all boils and flows down here!

Keep watching!

3 thoughts on “Halloween!!!”

    1. You live in a pretty place!! Those summer photos were envious. btw, 2 things: 1. I loved the curtain that’s hung from heaven in your blog! Wow, it so feels like that.
      2. I found Isle Of Wight in sherlock Holmes. In this story, “The sign of four”. And I immediately thought of you!!!

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