Is it not unbearably heart-breaking to say goodbye to a mushy looking, deliciously colored, amply cheeked, autumn-love fattened, adorable little pumpkin?

This pumpkin formed a part of my Halloween decoration. And it’s about time to tell him good bye. Believe you me, this is hard. So hard.

On the other hand, my little Jade seem to get a thorough dose of the November dew. I bought this plant off a local nursery with two almost dead, awfully distorted branch that promised to say good-bye in a couple of days. Surprisingly, it survived. I chose this because this was the smallest available, but I was also sure that it would break my heart. Proving me wrong, it survived: hale and hearty. Here it is, staying alive, making my room ‘green’.

The happy and the sad go hand in hand. Indeed.

2 thoughts on “Good bye, Pumpkin”

  1. You didn’t eat the pumpkin…? As for the jade plant, obviously you are giving it the conditions it craves! Do you talk to it? – research has proven this is good for plants!

  2. Oh, maybe that’s why its been growing. I keep telling it to become a little more conscientious and ‘stand on its own feet’. The toddler has finally left its stick. About the pumpkin, apparently not! I din’t know what to make of it and a side of it started rotting. So, I had to say goodbye to it. Pitty.

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