Let’s begin with the good.  How nice of the folks at Tonicmedia, I will be officially writing for decortrunk- a tonic media incubation and initiative, and will be featuring projects! Now, isn’t that wonderful? We have just started the site, its still in its alpha stage in testing but this will be the first joint endeavor of me with any professional house. I’m delighted.

And now the bad news.

I am down with flu- count headache, fever, nausea etc.

My laptop’s LCD is damaged and I’ll need to shell out 6000 INR + taxes for which I’ll need to travel immediately

I will not be blogging for some days (not that anyone would really miss me here. Im still small scale :P)

Till I return then!

One thought on “Good and Bad news”

  1. Good to see that since you wrote this you’re feeling better. I hope your laptop is also on the mend.
    Congratulations on the development at work. Good luck!

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