Thank You Janice, from postcardsfromwildwood for the beautiful gifts! She is brilliant, specially when it comes to needle & thread work and is an extremely creative person who’s blog and work I thoroughly admire. This beautiful angel is handmade by her, specially for me (doing a little jig) and it is worked in a kind of embroidery style that I love, and of which she is a master, called Hardanger. This is where I first saw it and drooled! And when I mentioned how I’d love to have one of them, in her blog, least did I know that my wish would come true! She is an angel.

Hardanger is the traditional embroidery of an area in Norway, called Hardanger, although the angel is made in a North American folk art style. Who can guess why I’m counting days for Christmas?

Here’s some details about the stitch, that she so beautifully explained!. Let’s hear it from the lady herself. “Hardanger is worked on evenweave cotton fabric – meaning if you count the threads across and vertically there would be exactly the same number of threads in both directions in a given measurement.  It’s referred to as ’22 count’ or ’28 count’ or whatever, meaning 22 or 28 threads per inch.  Hardanger embroidery is very tough and you can actually wash it in the washing machine if it gets dirty. “

Visit her blog and you’ll know why postcardsfromwildwood is one my favorite virtual treat!

One thought on “Gifts from the wildwoods!”

  1. You’re very welcome, Rukmini. I was just relieved when it all arrived safely! Your photographs are lovely. I love the ‘styling’ of the first one, and the close up and angle of the second one.
    I was so pleased, too, to learn that receiving an angel has meaning in Indian philosophy – bringing you luck. As I said, in Western traditions we talk of guardian angels, and of course the two ideas aren’t so very far apart. So I hope this little angel brings you luck and keeps you safe!
    Janice. x

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