I’ve been very inspired by chalkboard wonders around the blogland. And hence, when I needed some stands to keep my ladles and a few handy things, I couldn’t think beyond three flower pots I bought for making a birdbath!

I gave them a wash, a coat of blackboard paint and voila. That is it! There are lot of things that needs rearranging, but for now, I’m quite happy with this. What do you guys think?

8 thoughts on “DIY: Chalkboard paint kitchen keepers!”

    1. Well, these are not recycled from old chalkboards but the idea is the same- to recycle. They are flower pots to which I gave a coat of chalkboard paint and use to hold my kitchen stuff. šŸ™‚

    1. Janice! I’m glad you like them. Chalkboard paints are easily available in any hardware shops and they dry very quickly. We used a wooden stand and a shallow bowl to make the bird bath. Irony is, they do not use it. They bathe in my flower pots. I have now officially given up!

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