The tattered cupboard needed a coat of white! Recently, I came across a blog, where in I found the idea of covering books with white paper for a more serene and decluttered look. Well, it really was worth a try!

Mr. Holmes found the top shelf for his new residence in India, where he will be putting up at secret hours for private consultancy. Kindly drop a message if you’d like an appointment. In case of emergency, just walk in.

My sweet uncle from Germany visited England and stood on a queue to get this postcard for me, from 221 b Baker Street itself! This postcard is available no where else in the world (unless replicated) and is a limited edition that’s available  only at Holmes’ residence. I am a die hard Holmes fan and you can understand how happy it made me. In fact to add a little Holmes-ly thrill he signed it off as Holmes himself! Let me tell ya’ it got me! Such a sweet, loving uncle he is. It means a lot to me!

Have a great weekend folks!

4 thoughts on “DIY: An open-cupboard re-do & a gift from Sherlock Holmes”

  1. How fun! My middle son just finished reading Sherlock Holmes. Interesting idea to cover books. It does declutter.

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