A corner of my living room just got a fall makeover and I love how it looks. This coop bathes in low, indirect light and I’m falling for the dark, charming feel and the warmth its bringing.

I layered pine cones, cinnamon and star anise as fillers which not only brings the fall-flavor in full swing with its yummy rust color tones but also makes the corner smells yummy!

I took Michele from Hello Lovely Inc ‘s advice but with a twist. She let me know of this beautiful idea of scenting a closet with orange and cinnamon; since oranges are not in yet, I paired cinnamon with star Anise and the effect is lovely. She is a brilliant writer, a gorgeous blogger who always makes me swoon and once you head over to her blog, there is no stopping. Head over to hers to see what I mean.

Although star anise, dear me is expensive, I didn’t mind buying 250 grams as they dont spoil easily and also stays fragrant for a long time, unless exposed to a damp weather. I remember writing the properties of star anise for a food website where I am the contributing editor. Maybe I can secretly use one or two of them to feed my health along with feeding my aesthetic appetite.

Have a great weekend y’all beauties!

4 thoughts on “Decorating for Fall!”

  1. what a gorgeous image! the scents of fall are what i like most about it. i know what you mean about the expense…even though an orange studded with cloves looks and smells gorgeous, the cloves don’t come cheap!

    i love how you add to the beauty. thanks so much for the kind words!


  2. Very cute. I like items from nature like this and am inclined to leave them out all year. On my kitchen table, shells and dried leaves.

  3. Aren’t they? I love them all year round too…but of course with a little mix and match, to go with the season. I couldn’t find dried leaves, its still green here, so I cut out some leaves from an old book. Quite liked the effect. 🙂

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