This post is for Romi aka Chandrika who, I know, will thoroughly enjoy this. She loves everything; from the increasing chill in the air to the excitement of planning a mantle decor. She loves it all! Romi, I hope you like this.

We brought home our first tree for the living room. It rests beside the mantel. I can already feel the cheer in my blood.

Our Christmas tree, this year is done in silver. Dad chose the streamers. I love these little metal cherubs.


This is the time of the year…You cant help but feel so happy. My home shines and so does all the cozy nooks of the world. Below is the lobby of my favorite joint in the world: Glenary’s. While I was clicking this, let me tell you, I was sipping on the special Glenary’s hot chocolate.


A happy midweek post! Hope you all have a great week ahead




3 thoughts on “Christmas sets in”

  1. Oh thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!! , u just cant imagine how thrilled I am that the christmas is here and m gonna be decorating the office with u , I just cant wait for u to comeback nd get mah self lost in the christmas decorations and as usual UR PHOTOGRAPHY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Your first tree ever? I hope you will enjoy collecting (and making) little ornaments over the years. Tree decorations are the things I collect, and have been doing for 25 years – which means I started around the time you were born! Every single one has a story to tell. I hope yours will bring as much happiness to you and your family.

    1. Well, not really! šŸ™‚ The first tree of the lot is what I meant. We get 3 trees. Two for the living room, one for the porch. I went to a convent, grew up in the north east (where 75% of the total population follows Christianity) and of course with friends and family abroad, Christmas like Durga Puja has become an inevitable part of our lives. In fact in my case it is tradition that I must follow and pass on.

      This year, we went to a small alley in bombay to pick up special glass rein-deers. I love collecting them.

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