With the onset of monsoons, my darling house plant decides to bless me too. A thing to celebrate I guess? Looks like it from the menu!

I spotted an array of earthen ware pots at a local nursery- all beautiful, with pure Indian motif. And you wouldn’t believe how cheap they were. I actually paid 20 rupees more to the young boy who sold it to me because I thought paying them what they wanted was still below its worth- at least to me. My city-conscience couldn’t believe they could be so cheap. In shopping malls and trade fairs, we would have bought the same stuff for thrice its price, happily. In fact it was only a matter of days when me and my sister were strolling through a shopping mall and found some great earthen ware. We wanted to pick it up but thought it was overpriced. Thank god we didn’t buy it! Coming to think of it now, we would have been fools to buy them and also criminals, to have supported such an ugly affair of exploiting poor manufacturers and making money from their hard work, by selling “brand exotic”. No, way!

Anyway. I planted three colors together, just because one of each was available and then thought it might look good! I am proud of myself. At least just in one case. or maybe two! For not contributing to capitalism just once. For my happiness’ sake.

6 thoughts on “Blossoms and a kitchen peek-a-boo!”

    1. Thanks Tammy. Well, I do try to support small traders, artisans and by extension cottage industry. Pity I can hardly do anything large scale for them.

  1. The colours are gorgeous, as is the pot and your photos. I love your little menu board! I like to support small traders and artisans too, and increasingly have problems with the exploitative policies of large multinational corporations.

    How are you settling in at your new home? I hope it’s all going well. Yes, to reply to your response to my last comment, the Island Games are now underway. I’m on duty later this afternoon, when I’ll be taking 2 or 3 VIPs to a formal event.

    1. Janice! Its going great here. How are you? You must be on your toes now, now that the Island games are right round the corner? Hope all goes well.

      I’m glad you like the pot. I thought just as much! Lovely. Now I can probably work on my plan. šŸ™‚ I’ve settled here just fine and in fact I’m all set and peppy save for those occasional moments of depression when i miss the hoch-pochy, noisy city life and its 24 hours open shops! R says that’ll help me plan things! Hope so. I am a compulsive, anytime buyer who also does needless buying a lot. šŸ˜›

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