11 Nations, 1 goal, 2 warriors at a time against 11. Warfront: 22 yards. Its not just a sport- its war.

And it took us 28 years to get the trophy back home. Its 1:32 A.M here but seems like the day has just began; still quite spellbound from Gautam Gambhir’s brilliant cricket ( After Rahul Dravid, the first Indian batsman, who deserves special mention for his consistency in actions under tremendous pressure and superb judgement in handling shots) and M.S Dhoni’s last boundary that announced us the winner even before we could realize. It was great watching the two worthy opponents compete each other. Believe me, what a cricket! Tight fielding, needle point direct throws, great bowling and brilliant batting. It was nothing but great, good cricket.


What a moment! The split second and victory! A moment of complete silence followed by a victory roar that comes out of nothing but one’s true love for his country. It took us quite sometime to gather our senses and accept the fact that we won the world cup.  We won THE WORLD CUP! No cake walk baby!

Congratulations team India. Thank you for bringing back the pride home. It was ‘goosebumping’ to  see you play so well. Congratulation team Sri-Lanka, very well played.

Happiness is blue!

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