The trees are shedding leaves already! So, before its all gone, here are few glimpses from the terminal days of spring.

I had so much fun waking up at 7 and clicking them- at times I was lying prostrate, at times I was squatting ugly and I was getting ugly looks from fat ladies with frail dogs and health conscious peeps! haha!

This is morning glory!!

And some wild flowers from the wild, wild west of the subcontinent.

And some woodland wonders

And one very happy, adorable little boy. Look at his innocent smile seeing the flowers. aww!

That’s all from Spring then! Happy fall y’all!

13 thoughts on “Adieu spring, welcome fall!”

  1. Looking forward to fall, but missing the beautiful flowers that spring and summer bring!


    1. True that Linda! But I think I’ma fall/winter girl at heart šŸ™‚ warm coffee, cinnamon cakes and the swish of a dry leaf is what I probably live for!

  2. swoon. those are some luscious flowers right there. i love the apple crisps of fall but i am not yet ready so once again will be dragged kicking and screaming into it. šŸ™‚

    and love the visual of the fat ladies!


    1. Your comments are so very me! I think because we both write…a dreadful lot. I am walking into fall quite happily…i have an orange heart šŸ˜›

  3. Lovely flowers, Rukmini. I haven’t seen the red spiky ones before – what are they? You seem to go straight from spring to autumn…? What do you call the rainy season? Just ‘monsoon’? Or is it part of spring?

    1. Honestly, I dont know what they called too. They just grow randomly here during spring. Well spring and monsoon are synonymous to us as when you experience spring, we experience summer! The great Indian one…the one that makes you cry.

        1. Okay, I’ll explain. I’ll begin from march. march would be spring, april, may, june beginning tremendous heat, June end, july august monsoons: this is when spring visits us again with flowers every where and low sun and fresh fruits (ya its very different…we dont get full spring, we get in installments), then september/ october/ november autumn and finally december, january, feb beginning winter, feb end spring.

  4. So its like, spring, summer, monsoon with traces of spring, autumn and winter. We divide seasons in 6 parts – grishyo (summer), borsha (monsoons), shorot (monsoons +spring- with blue sky et al, this is also when durga puja happens), hemonto (autumn), sheeth (winter), Boshonto (Spring) šŸ™‚

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