Hey there!!

Well, not that I do much but I’ll probably be out of posts for a couple of days: I’m moving to a new apartment.

The past couple of days have been nightmarish..Shuttling between New Bombay and Bombay, hunting for houses and tracking real estate guys. Every day I was waking up to another long trip, another set of houses, some fresh set of possibilities and no results. To top, the heat is bad here. I wish I’d taken R’s advice right from the start. The air conditioned buses were way more comfortable than the tuktuks. Poor guy, he walked every street with me, left no stones unturned to find me a good deal. From last saturday, we were constantly on it. Thanks to one of his colleagues and a very good real estate that we finally got a great house overlooking the backwaters. He gave me so much courage- R, this wouldn’t have been possible without you. Just wouldn’t. Like always. You just bring back that smile on my face.

My present house is a mess but I am happy. Im moving away from the main city and maybe I can finally get a nice, pollution free windowsill that gets full sunshine. My lavenders would need them.

There is so much work to be done…I’d be thankful for any advice that you may wish to convey. Please go ahead. I really need them. Im going to soon bother you all with pictures and possibilities and ask you to help me choose. So brace yourselves.

Night night…long day ahead


2 thoughts on “A new apartment is keeping me away”

    1. Smile on daku 🙂 Thanks for doing so much for me and setting up the home. Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible. See you soon!

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