This blogland has so many ‘see, drool, swoon and wonder when I’ll have something like that’ houses that sometimes, it makes me feels jealous. In Melanie’s blog, I saw Lizzie Carney’s 1930’s bungalow. I have to tell you that I literally fell off my bed when I saw her home. In retrospect, I saw the mud room progression in Kristin’s Blog and the chandelier that she is planning on. I heart her mud room.

Well anyway, this is one home that I saw transform infront of my eyes. Today, I take the pleasure to take you through my sister, Ronita Mitra’s, home. The credit here goes to her husband who has a brilliant eye for detail and interiors.

Where the french windows stand, stood a solid wall! The front has been extended and planked with pine wood and a lower grill is added for keeping the flower pots!

The french window wall is adorned with dholpuri tiles. I love the stone wall and the cute white chair with planks with a worn off white color.

A sale mirror repainted, a painted square portion covered with bricks and painted and a chest repainted. All recycled!!!

**Note the black and white tapestry on top covering the beam. It is in real a ‘saree’ stretched and framed.

The ceiling is a must watch. My bro-in-law installed beams on the ceiling to give it a very country look! The chadeliers are his find too!

The photographs are not very pro- ly taken, yes, I know! But I seriously love this house! I wish I could show you what it was before!!!

Have a happy weekend ahead!


4 thoughts on “A Home Sneek Peek”

  1. It’s a beautiful house, Rukmini. Your brother in law is very talented, and the use of recycled items is inspired – especially the saree!

  2. Thank you! Well, the saree is actually my sister’s idea but we were all into it. I do think we made a good job out of it! Although mum wasn’t in too high a spirit- it was her pure silk saree šŸ™‚

    My paternal grandmother was very skilled in recycling things. Guess we got it from her straight. No gene hop-skip and jump. Or maybe one. Papa.

  3. Amazing stuff there! A salute to your bro-in-law!!!

    The saree frame is awe-inspiring and that picture of the mirror, re-made chest and the dog (yes the dog!) look just PICTURE PERFECT…

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