It’s time to unpack the Christmas Cheer!

With so many death-by-the-post Christmas projects and decors to ogle, drool and swoon around the block (read blog); it was finally time for me to give up and unpack my Christmas Trunk.

Here is something, I personally adore. My little army of Santa clause!

I hope R comes back soon and we have a great Christmas together as always. Just the sight of our Christmas ornaments makes me so happy!

Last year in Christmas, we went ahead and splurged on the Christmas ornaments. (Read: I splurged with R’s wallet) And it was such fun hand picking everything. I also went ahead and made baubles with our names on it, which is coming soon here-  as soon as I unpack them!

It’s the 1st of December and there’s a lot on my platter before I sip that wine!



One thought on “Christmas unpacking”

  1. Love your ‘matreshka’ Santas! Lots of people have their Christmas decorations up here – I can see the lights in windows at evening time. I always put mine up much nearer to Christmas, and follow the custom of taking them down on 6th Jan.

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