Oshtomi or the eighth day is generally the day to wear the most gorgeous. My sister teamed up a very pretty traditional red and white saree and so did my sweet little niece (she chose to wear that black blouse. Yes, she chooses what she wears and we will give you an all year round free supply of brownies if you can make her wear what you want and she doesn’t)! Check them out as “Maha Oshtomi” begins. And I kid no one when i say, my niece carried the saree better than any women out there. Blimey, this 2 gave all the other ladies a serious run for pride as she walked around in her saree, with her head stylishly cocked to a side, giving here a carefully careless look that’s totally awesome for a 2.

The gorgeous Mo

You cant hold me…no way you cant… what is going on, who are you?


One fine day, capturing and understanding.

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