It’s an extended weekend over here, the sun is finally out, I have parcels packed and ready to be shipped, I have no writing to do, I can simply laze around with R and R is coming up with all the greatest plans on earth. Yee-haw!! So, with very little to do, basking in an ‘ideal weekend’ situation, I thought of setting our tiny dining table in a lazy, holiday fashion.

Empty jars make great centerpieces. Fill them with flowers, herbs, pencils, they simply look stunning. Also, they not only give your space a very country cottage feel but also gives you a chance to recycle and re-use, of which i’m a big supporter. I cleaned one sauce and one jam jar, filled the jam jar with some white pebbles, topped both of them with water and set them with handful of mint from my garden. The effect is so tempting!

I’ve been growing mint, cilantro, curry leaves, rosemary and oregano on my window-sill and I’m very proud at the result. At this stage, I cannot help but mention Tammy. Her blog is very inspiring and it constantly inspires one to keep in touch with the greens and the goods. Personally, I feel, to grow one’s own produce is a great thing as it makes the same old meal so much more exciting! A simple salad turns joyous when the ingredients come from your own garden. I really appreciate what she is doing in her blog.

This time, when it’s a wee hotter, I’ll try growing some cherry tomatoes and fennels. The other day in Janice’s blog I saw fennel and it’s blessing Janice garden; She has one bountiful, beautiful garden where she grows plum, pears, figs, apples, olives and walnuts, and I remember telling her that amongst the 10 places to go before I die, her garden is gonna be one of them. If everything turns out well, this might happen sooner than I die.

Here’s me off for a cup of steaming hot latte. Have a great weekend everyone and let’s pray for a terror free, happy, ideal world. We need it.


4 thoughts on “Setting table for two with Jam jars & herbs from garden”

  1. Lovely Rukmini. I save jars and it drives everyone crazy. I fill them with pebbles and shells and interesting seed pods that I find on walks and visits.

  2. Hope you enjoyed your long weekend. Your table centre looks lovely. I also save jars but in the hope of filling them with home made goodies, and I have kept far more than I need, which is also irritating to everyone else! I’m increasingly concerned that you may be very disappointed when you see my garden. Its beauty is primarily at the level of its potential rather than its reality!

    1. I know I’ll love it, irrespective of it being at the level of “what it could be” as mine is at the level of “If I had a garden…”. My garden is a patch of terrace and a windowsill! 🙂

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