Trumatter Mason Jar And Flowers & Styling Tips

Wussup Trumatter’s ladies and gentlemen. How be you? We found mason jars and bought flowers, and styled it too, {I am really killing the sentence with too many ands [insert third bracket] sentence nazis will hate me for this} and we think its looking really nice. So, yeah if you like sunny windows and a…

How to make starfish and sand dollars with clay

Hola! How be you holding in your neck of woods and what are you all guys up to? We have emerged victorious from yet another drudgery filled week and methinks it’s time to reward our crafty selves with some DIY Clay Starfish Tutorial. Hop on if this brain vacay sounds good to you!

Anthropologie style Planter DIY

Morning ladies and gentlemen! You doing very well I am guessing, this beautiful morning? It’s a sunny day out here in Mumbai, the house is clean, I have filled my cup {yes, the big a** anthropologie mr. mug} with home made, milk laden English breakfast and I have a knockoff to show you. A DIY…