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Noted for its elusive intensity, low acidity and full bodied taste and aroma, coffee from chikmagaluru and coorg is truly one of the best. But what made me fall in love with coffee, even more, is its beautiful white blooms.

Rows and rows of big green leaves interspersed with beautiful white blooms- its the coffee plant you never quite see or imagine. These flowers are the harbingers of the coffee fruit which then goes on to become our favourite coffee bean and the coffee in our mugs. It was only fair to celebrate them.

I painted the motifs while in Coorg and the same painting is reproduced in ceramic in limited quantities.

I hope you enjoy our ode to coffee

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Footed mugs

Microwave, dishwasher safe

11cm tall, 8.9 cm diameter

Made in Bone China

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Weight .300 kg


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