October rapture

As October comes, I feel tempted to share the colors of fall. This month has always intrigued me and I do not know the reason why; this month brings with it sudden possibilities and hope and aspirations that doesn’t concern anything in particular. Perhaps because its time to see “kash-phool”, listen to “dhaak” and take […]

A mumbai afternoon and bliss

After a long period of procrastination, the three ladies finally made it. And there was one thing remarkable about this particular hot Sunday Mumbai afternoon. It was happiness. On my sisters face! The glee on my niece’s face The glee on these children’s faces Unfortunately no one remembered to take a happy smile o mine! […]


For all those who don’t know and couldn’t guess; I hail from Darjeeling, West Bengal, a tiny hill-station with a major history and a blinding fame of producing the most fragrant and the richest tea in the entire Indian sub-continent. Yes, Darjeeling tea is what I am talking about. Also, owing to the sheer lack […]

Red Velvet Cake

Devil’s food cake? Evident that the devil once belonged to heaven. The cake stands as a testimony! Dramatic, sinful, red, luscious and intriguing: A perfect combination to be called ‘the sinful tempting little thing’.  Devil’s own cake, as it is called, “The Dictionary of American Food and Drink” describes it as ‘Devil’s Food Cake’ owing […]

Chamomile, tea?

Come September and only the pictures shall speak a thousand words. Ladies and gentleman, presenting to you, for the first time in the history of Septembers, the enchanting chamomile monologues! Meanwhile, we get her tea ready. Have a great month ahead. Curtains down please.

The Mumbai Chor Bazaar

It’s dirty, the entrance is a complete put-off, you might have to stamp on dirt beyond imagination and wash your feet with packaged drinking water. You might have to bathe in a good sanitizer and get a pedicure too! But once you are in the alley, there is no looking back in anger; the garage-sale […]

Sugar, ah, honey, honey!

And you’ve got me wanting you. A batch of crispy, crunchy wheat breads with choco-vanilla, nostalgic, sugar frosting; a saccharine addiction that never seems to get over, a charming little bite that takes you back to holiday cookies, instantly. Known to cure midweek crisis perfectly, this little mouthful makes you say, “Wednesday? No problem!” In […]

Traditional Yellow Cake

I love cakes. And cakes love me back. But more than that, I love the joy of baking. The waft of freshly baked cakes filling the air, the anticipation of poking a cake knife and hoping that it comes out clean, the step by step addition of simple ingredients and quietly licking a bit of […]