Traditional Yellow Cake

I love cakes. And cakes love me back. But more than that, I love the joy of baking. The waft of freshly baked cakes filling the air, the anticipation of poking a cake knife and hoping that it comes out clean, the step by step addition of simple ingredients and quietly licking a bit of […]

Chicken Korma

When I was a kid, my favorite bed time story was how, during the troubled times of partition of Bengal, my granny surprised the house by cooking an excellent curry made of only egg-plants and potatoes and how despite of the severe Hindu-Muslim riots, my granny’s best-friend were the Muslim family who lived next door. […]

Prawns in pepper, butter and garlic

“The prawns tastes insane. It is buttery, garlic-y and crispy”. That’s what he told me over the telephone while eating out in a very famous restaurant in South Mumbai. A friend on whom i can totally bank on, he also happens to be a thorough foodie like me! And no sooner did he make that […]