A Thanksgiving craft

I was so inspired by Kristin’s thanksgiving tree that I just had to try it. With a little tweak to the original design, or rather a little addition, this is how it turned out. I took the letters from dafont, printed them on a thick photo paper in matte and cut them leaving a half inch […]

Burlap cushions

Its been a while that I’ve been obsessed by this particular fabric. And every time I see these gunny bags lying around in my craft space, which of course is the result of me falling head over heels over them and then picking them up, I get tempted to make something out of it. But […]

DIY: Burlap Flower Pots

It all started with some old burlap sacks and two tin pots that were lying around. And it took me quite some time to figure, what am I exactly going to do with it.   So, measured the tin-pots which was 30 by 15 and cut out a 34 / 17 cm strip off the […]

DIY:Make your own candle holder!

A couple of months ago, I got two transparent glass vases, not more than 20 cm in height for 1.25$ from a nearby dollar shop. Not really a favorite of mine; they served the cause quite right till the day I needed a candle holder as centerpiece. I searched quite a few stores but didn’t […]