Happy Birthday Ma!

The relationship of a mother to her daughter is perhaps the most beautiful of all beautiful things in life; where each find their shadow on the other, every minute, in every detail and in every walk of life. It’s a relationship, undefinable and I have the best mother in the world. Sitting One thousand miles […]

A little rain and cappuccino!

This has been a family tradition to go gaga over coffee in the rains and the winters! Having grown up in the hills and in the foot hills of the great Himalayas, monsoon and winters were ‘the seasons’ to look forward to; while the winters were adorable with fireplaces and room heaters and after dinner […]

Return to innocence!

This is Friday; and a perfect day to start infusing and confusing this place with exited thoughts that are primarily random. Because, this is my place. A place where someone else do not decide what i write. This is my way of rebelling, of freeing those freedom crazy thoughts that hover in the head, in […]